May 23, 2019
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Honestly, the U.S.S Discovery should stay in the Mirror Universe. How cool would that be?

Discovery’s future looks out of touch with reality, in the best way imaginable. Looks like the crew of the U.S.S Discovery is going to be stuck in the mirror universe for the foreseeable future, and with no way back home to deliver the all important information about Klingon cloaking devices back into the hands of Starfleet, Discovery will most likely fail in their mission. Especially since there is no talk of Discovery or Spore Drives ten years from now.

Lorca manipulating the Spore Drive

Directed by Trek Alum Jonathan Frakes, (Riker), Discovery came back with a bang Sunday night. Not one but two fan theories were proven correct! Lt. Tyler’s transformation into a Klingon sleeper agent goes much deeper than we may realize, and Badass Captain Lorca seemed to deliberately alter the Spore Drive’s path to send them directly to the Mirror Universe, and the theories for what purpose are already starting to pop up.

We don’t know anything about Lorca’s past or where he comes from… Just a story he tells about him losing his ship and crew in battle. His mysterious eye drops, and what some fans call his evil lair all point to one tantalizing theory. Lorca is from the Mirror Universe and is using Discovery and her crew to stage a coup against the Emperor. His protective relationship with Burnham might mean that he is prepping her to become Emperor of the Terran Empire. After all, Burnham is already a mutineer in our universe. Life is already a lot better as captain of a Terran ship. The cloaking devices would also help in Lorca’s plan. That piece of technology would help Lorca Make Terran Great Again, and squash any rebellion aliens that come their way.

Burnham looks a bit too comfortable here

Lorca does not want Stamets to get better, that much is clear. Stamets is likely the only way for them to get home, but Lorca is home already, but what about the rest of the crew? Ensign Tilly took charge rather quickly and comfortably, Burnham killed her first officer and took charge of the Shenzhou, no one seems concerned about Saru being involved on a ship in an Empire that hates alien species, Tyler is a loose cannon that kills the ship’s doctor and may or may not be a Klingon. To me, these people have never screamed Starfleet material. What they did ooze was loyalty to a particular animalistic Empire and they belong; perfectly!

I.S.S Discovery– Can quantum signatures be faked?

As always each title of each episode reveals a clue. The title of Frakes’ episode is Despite Yourself. Now, at first look that makes it seem like it’s a logline about how the crew has to hide in Terran, and hide their true nature, but what if the conspiracies go deeper than that? What if the entire crew is from the Mirror Universe and they don’t even know it? For Lorca, it would be nothing short of diabolical.

This cover might be too good.

My theory brings back a few clues that Discovery has planted throughout the past few episodes. Lorca’s mysterious eye drops, Stamets’ mirror self, and Tyler’s memories/experiments. Are the eye drops a time balancing device to keep Lorca focused on one universe at a time? Why did Stamets see his mirror self during early experimentation of the spore drive? Was it just a hint of things to come or is something else going on there? If Tyler isn’t Klingon, I have a hard time understanding his motivations for working with L’Rell. Other than a twisted form of hatred for the Terran Empire! What if Lt. Tyler is a multi-dimensional triple agent? Loyal to the resistance but fighting both The Federation in the Prime Universe, The Klingons in the Prime Universe and the Terran Empire in the Mirror Universe?

A romance through time and space?

What would make Tyler working with these Klingons even more epic is if the Klingons themselves (or at least L’Rell herself) have had some contact with the Mirror Universe! Do they? If L’Rell has had contact with the Mirror Universe, that would mean that their stories are more entwined and perhaps a loving relationship has developed between them in a different time/different place. Of course, this is all just early speculation, and there are still plenty of other cool stuff that could happen if my theory turns out to be wrong, like Hoshi could return, and we can see bearded Sarek. But that’s never stopped me from doing these TV conspiracy theories before! Bring it on Discovery, let’s see if you got it.

John J. Falco