September 23, 2020
  • 11:53 am TV Titles Predict Iowa Chaos
  • 10:08 pm The Artifact May Be Part of Star Trek’s Off-Screen Future
  • 11:46 am Breaking Apart That Anti-Good Omens Campaign
  • 10:38 pm Chernobyl’s Hot Zone: A Sleepy Summer Finds Drama in a New Genre
  • 11:10 am HBO Reminds Fans That It Has Other Stuff Besides GOT

The long awaited troublesome series has managed to take itself off life support. Let the hype begin:


This marks the first Star Trek series on TV in 12 years. Star Trek Discovery was also given an episode order increase from 13 to 15 episodes. It will also get a companion series called Talking Trek. I previously thought this trailer and the show would never see the light of day, but I am happily wrong. The waiting seemed to have made the show better.

John J. Falco