June 21, 2021
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And he’s going to exploit it with the reality bending Starship Discovery.

Hear me out because this theory is wild. From the looks of Star Trek Discovery’s second season trailer which was just released worldwide at Comic Con. Despite it’s spot on narration and new found love of exploration the messy multidimensional post-death question of Spock proves that it’s not going to stray too far from fantastical themes of the first season.

JJverse Spock could be heading to the small screen. But doesn’t Paramount hold the rights, you say? The second season of Discovery has a lot of the same stylings as the Kelvin Trek instead of the Original Trek, it upset traditional Trekkies, but for newer fans they didn’t seem to mind. Yet, the biggest clue to this is what Kurtzman said of Spock’s appearance. Yes, while most media is speculating on the fact that he confirmed Spock was going to be in the show. What no one seems to be focusing on is that he added, “Just not in the way you expected.” Yet others inside Trek world say they cannot use characters from the JJ Verse, is Spock the key to fix that problem?

Who Will Play Spock?

Zachary Quinto as Spock in the Jellyfish Ship in Trek 2009.

As no actor has been selected to play Spock. We can still assume, that it could be Zachary Quinto. Sending a message of help from the other Universe? It fits with Discovery’s first season reality bending/Mirror Universe themes so well that it’s almost criminal if Discovery couldn’t get Quinto due to Paramount.

The thing is, the rights are messy. Viacom seems to have no interest in CBS merger anymore. But what if they got the rights to Quinto’s character licensed out by Paramount? That would be one solution to the Spock problem. Another solution to the Spock problem would be some type of voice over. Perhaps they got Nimoy to do a secret Voice-Over operation.

The new Spock mission teased in the trailer feels very much like what Old Spock would have done in JJ Verse with his Red Matter ship. In fact, the new pod things the characters were spinning around in, really look like that Red Matter/Jellyfish Ship Spock used in Trek 2009. I know they are not supposed to be in the same universe but…with Discovery I’ll never say never.

Spock: The Time Travel Lover

This could tie Discovery in more with Trek 2009 than previously thought. No one said Kelvin Universe and Traditional Universe couldn’t touch. They did so in Trek 2009. Old Spock traveled to the Kelvin Timeline, and there is no reason why he cannot send a message back to the original timeline and stumble upon The Discovery. Yes, Leonard Nimoy is sadly dead, so they could just stick with a Child Spock, as Frakes hinted back in April.

Yet, Old Spock loved to Time Travel, and if we take Frakes at his word that ONLY Child Spock appears, Old Spock could has to STILL be involved in Discovery via reincarnation CGI. Otherwise the story in the trailer makes no sense. Burnham discovers that the red lights (red matter?) are connected to Spock and that he is sending a message. The question remains, which Spock will we see sending this message? Younger Quinto Spock? Older Post-Death Nimoy Spock? Or Brand New Spock that will upset fans? That is if we even actually SEE an Old Spock.

Other news that came out of the Comic Con panel is that along with Anson Mount looking badass as Captain Pike. Rebecca Romijn will be joining the cast as Number One, and that might hint at even more time bending themes. As the original character Number One was only ever in the unaired Star Trek pilot, and never mentioned again. Certain characters are getting mini-shorts. 15 Minute episode highlights about their character’s backstory. It’s an interesting offshoot. There were no details of the other Trek shows currently in various stages of development. It was 100% about Star Trek Discovery.

John J. Falco