September 23, 2020
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Swaps place with The Good Wife Spin-off which will now premieres in February 2017.

Apparently the Creators and those Stark Trek alums who are working on the series realized that they need more time to give the show the right balance to attract new and old fans alike.

Deadline reports that the decision to push Star Trek Discovery was made after it was discovered that there were only three actual scripts written out of the ten more needed for the previously slated December premiere date.

As for the Good Wife Spinoff, it will apparently follow Diane Lockhart and Lucca Quinn around the legal industry, and it will comprise of 10 episodes.

This makes more financial sense for CBS, because they already have all the sets and the characters and the world set for The Good Wife since the show just ended. Star Trek they are making from scratch (mostly) and have to be very careful not to step on anybody’s robotic toes.

John J. Falco