May 23, 2019
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Star Trek Discovery’s first ambitious season tamped down the action and left the multiverse in the dust with an emotional season finale. The show has held it’s own against production problems, harsh fan criticism, backlash from conservative politics, and the awareness problem. It also made CBSAA a household name among old-time trekkies and millennials alike by breaking through the Netflix/Hulu streaming barrier. The paywall rebellion of angry facebook emojis failed in their quest to pretend that The Orville was better and in my opinion CBS can rest easy that they delivered the best Star Trek series to date!

The series as a whole is my favorite star trek to date. It won me over early on and the multi-verse/spore/MU Lorca story-line was really cool, I think there was a lot more they could have and perhaps will do with that. I don’t buy Stamets’ idealistic conclusion for the spore drive, that they are never going to find a non-living host to make it work.

Will the Enterprise Overshadow Discovery in Season 2?

It was a very emotional and different tone for Star Trek Discovery’s season ender. Come to see the end of the Klingon War, stay for The Enterprise!!!!!! When Voq killed Hugh I gasped. When the NCC numbers started to appear on the screen that made me gasp to! Not many shows make me gasp. I did not expect it, but I have mixed feelings about it. I am a little worried that Enterprise will overshadow Discovery in Season 2, depending on how long it’s in the show.

Right now most fan talk is about Pike being Discovery’s new Captain. I do not think so, because even though we do not know what happened with much of Pike’s career, what would happen to the Captain that they are going to get on Vulcan? Maybe it’s PU Lorca?

As to the episode itself, It wasn’t nearly as good as some of the others, more of an ending/series finale type episode. I expected twists and turns that never happened. I expected them to have to reset the timeline and to go back in time. In the criminal underworld, I expected them to encounter Mudd, and to bargain with him. I did not expect Brunham to have so much power or why she was the one giving the final speech. I did not expect them to end the war so quickly. Does it match with the Canon? Kirk hates Klingons and I expect most federation does, but that’s ten years from now, the war may be over but I guess peace takes centuries.

The ending leaves us with questions of course:

1. Who exactly is on Enterprise and what is their problem?
2. Who will be Discovery’s new captain?
2. What happens to the Emperor?
4. Will Tyler survive on Qo’noS? There is no record of a Human living among the Klingons. So they will have to address this.
5. What about the spore on Tilly’s shoulder?

and just for fun:
6. Will Stamets find love again?

I have yet to meet a fan who has watched it, stuck with it, and not like the show. I think and believe that Discovery could be here for a long while. Maybe 7+ Seasons.

John J. Falco