September 23, 2020
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As fictional compression company Pied Piper slowly appears to move into the cryptocurrency space, the title card on HBO’s Silicon Valley changes with the times, once again for the fifth year and adds the bitcoin exchange startup coinbase which makes its home in the Valley. Will Cryptocurrency be the focus of the show in a new TJ Miller-less season? Will they make a Crypto Exchange or a Pied Piper Coin?

As the core cast loses one of it’s prime members TJ Miller’s Erlich Bachman, for the first time murmurs about the show’s long- term success without the jovial Miller in tow has been a question mark for critics. While not missed by me, Erlich could be seen as a balanced center to Richard’s erratic macho tough guy act but others like Jian Yang will fill in the gaps.

TJMiller Right was fired for seemingly multiple reasons on Silicon Valley. He claimed he wanted to do movies, like The Emoji Movie instead.

Pied Piper co-founded by Richard and Erlich have done really shady stuff (fake users) to get here and Spoiler Alert¬† (when Gavin hired all the engineers) they would have been screwed. Even getting out of that situation they found themselves in in the season 5 premiere they did some really shady stuff to fellow pizza startup Sliceline, both behind the scenes and in their face. I wouldn’t want to work for or with them, especially knowing their history. This is why I think they are heading into Crypto, which is a can of worms industry all by itself.

Coinbase Logo in Silicon Valley Intro.

As Pied Piper deals with success for the first time, their journey here, probably will lead them into the topsy-turvy wild west world of the cryptocurrency/icos that are taking the real Silicon Valley, by storm. Ripe for comedy it’s the perfect industry to focus on. I would say 90% of all the people in this space just see cryptos as a get rich quick scheme that will work in their favor. No one understands the tech, and Silicon Valley is the perfect platform to describe it in layman’s terms. Once you heard about how compression works using their dick sucking analogy, I bet you learned something too!

I mean just ask John Oliver, who earlier this month destroyed the entire Bitcoin industry in one long monologue.

C’mon, people buying fake coins on the internet in the hopes that they go up in value over time? You can’t not see the comedy goldmine in that.

John J. Falco