January 19, 2020
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Can a TV show lobby for the President? The Circus’ co-host Mark Halperin may be getting way too close to the President, and allegations that he is becoming one of the only members of the MSM that he trusts has raised eyebrows on Capitol Hill.

During live coverage on CNN and C-Span, Mark Halperin was front and center, lurking in the background and sporting Apple’s new air pods. Hogging air time meant for Dana Bash or other GOP Congressmen. TV equipment that I think belong to the production company that shoots The Circus, was also visible in a weird much closer position than others were, as members left the negotiations


This might all trace back to a book deal that he and Co-host John Heilemann are working on about Trump. Possibly a tie-in to the TV show that traces Trump’s rise to power and his first 100 days, like the TV show. The book deal was worked out over a dinner Mr. Halperin had with The President last week. His level of access has only raised since then.

Viewers of The Circus may remember that Mark often travels on Air Force One as part of the President’s Press Corps and during the press conference with Trump and German chancellor Angela Merkel, which was within 24 hours of the dinner, Halperin was given the first question! It does appear that Trump does indeed like the Circus!

John J. Falco