August 14, 2020
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From the looks of it you wouldn’t consider ShowTime to be a name synonymous with politics. There’s Bloomberg, CBS, or Fox News, but definitely not the cable channel mentioned before.

That I think changed this election cycle where you had ShowTime air a special behind-the-scenes look at inside the political machine. Every Sunday night starting with the primaries they went backstage to campaign events and actually talked to and follow the candidates.

While it’s not clear how the ratings were, and the critics liked it. It doesn’t really matter because as a pretty popular cable channel, ShowTime depends more on subscribers instead of advertisers. As it has a partnership with Bloomberg, I think The Circus was a relatively cheap program to make. These guys, Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon were already working for and are big names in Bloomberg Politics. They were following around the campaigns already, so all they really had to do was re-package backstage material and do a few more extra interviews. Easy Money!

Every political junkie wants to feel apart of elections, and especially this one! Whether it’s campaigning, blogging,  volunteering, or debating online, there’s really only so much a person can actually do if they are not seeking a larger role in politics. So ShowTime’s The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth offered some of us glimpses of politics that we have never seen before. While no announcement has been made yet, about the possibility of Season 2. Season 2 can work for the midterm elections as well as the 2020 elections! Planning a show four years from now, is not something that is on the mind of any TV Executive, but it wouldn’t be hard to do or the least shocking.

One thing is for sure. ShowTime, made some money off the Greatest Political Show on Earth. They ended the usual 30 minute episode run with an hour long election special and the hosts got to go on the Stephen Colbert Show as the election results came in… The results were clear and the last episode rightly entitled President Trump, had closed the books on this Circus, perfectly.

John J. Falco