July 8, 2020
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Skinner Spin-off incoming? The latest X-Files Episode is probably my second favorite of this new revival. It was a really cool story, and pretty original. The chemtrails stuff was a little cheesy, but this is the X-Files. It’s always been cheesy! It’s interesting to note that we didn’t know much about Skinner all this time, and we still don’t know anything about Skinner. This only focused on his mission in Vietnam.

It goes into Skinner’s past a little bit, but it still leaves out big chunks. As Mulder and Scully search for clues at his place, they realize they don’t know anything about his personal life. If he even has one.

Kitten goes into Skinner’s past just enough, to leave an open ended welcome avenue for The X-Files to explore, If Carter and Pileggi ever want to revisit the character. Skinner’s past after the Vietnam war and how he got into the FBI could be a great series, but fans should ask themselves, is there a story there? Should there be?

I think it would be cool to flesh out these government conspiracies a bit more. Think about how a government operation like this could be conducted (MKULTRA, UFO Cover-ups, 9/11 etc…) Instead, of someone like Mulder discovering them, for the first time, that yes the government did indeed do them. We could have a trio of agents, who are intricately part of the programs that so many conspiracy theorists talk about. Carter could use the Skinner character as his own Mulder, but restricted by bureaucracy to do anything about what he sees going on. Reluctantly going with the flow as he hears about or sometimes witnesses the certain ‘evil’ tactics of the government.

A Skinner spin-off could be what Better Call Saul is to Breaking Bad. That’s something to think about, but as of this writing. neither Pileggi nor Carter have thought that far about such a series. So perhaps it is best left alone after all spooks like him operate best in the shadows.

John J. Falco