August 14, 2020
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Hollywood franchises and TV shows should think about this one and The Blacklist is leading the way. As the popular espionage TV show gets ready to come back on the air next week, it’s star, Megan Boone, says that her character Liz, will never carry an AR-15 again and she cites the Florida school massacre as the reason why, as reported by CarterMatt.

She also stated that FBI Agents would not carry AR-15s, which brings up a good point. Should Hollywood give up assault rifles altogether? There is already a thirst for realism on TV. It could be argued that’s why Netflix TV shows have managed to bypass the establishment and connect with an even larger audience. Many people enjoy the gritty realism on Netflix shows so much that they’ve cancelled cable TV altogether. Some have cut the cord not to save money, but because of their annoyance by the often silly and overhyped drama on TV.

Franchises and high-octane dramas often over play the amount of weapons that main characters should use and have access to. Society may be at the point where we start thinking about how these weapons are portrayed. Even if countless studies prove there is no relation between Hollywood’s use of weapons and mass shootings or an increase in murderers, as reality and fiction merge closer together, it’s getting more and more difficult to separate facts from fiction. Portraying these weapons over and over again, on police procedurals, may not be the best idea anymore, especially after mass shootings keep happening and the victims have to deal with aftermath.

So as to not change the culture or the tone of the shows, before during or after mass shootings to show sympathy, why doesn’t Hollywood just ban them? The self-righteous religious and President Trump seem to favor the idea of monitoring movies and TV shows more closely, but self regulation would be better, and Boone hopefully sparks some type of conversation around the industry. That’s what she’s trying to do.

John J. Falco