September 23, 2020
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Since a show like the Handmaid’s Tale was too dark for me, Sharp Objects was even more traumatizing than that. Sharp Objects made me feel extremely uncomfortable and took me to a place I didn’t want to go. It must be said however, that the first two episodes of Sharp Objects that I watched took the detective genre to new unsettling heights. Even though it seems that some of these characters aren’t very good at well, anything. Still some fans are declaring it the best mini-series ever. Indeed, Sharp Objects and The Handmaid’s Tale are both shows that try something different in the female anti-heroes space.

Why Are Female Anti-Heroes So Dark?

And while opposite of the preachy, “women can do anything,” shows. I didn’t like these two.  The dark themes may have been the point, but if I couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough for the Handmaid’s Tale. Similarly Sharp Objects, was too full of self pity, and dreary characters, who I found completely unrelatable. But I understand how others would find them relatable. Millions of people around the world suffer from depression and that is something the show tackles. Although, I do think the disclaimer should be at the beginning of each episode and NOT the end. Add in a plot that moves way too slow with characters you don’t even know that well and you get an incredible artistic nightmare.

This is coming from someone who didn’t read the book, and perhaps when these adaptations of niche dark novels come to our screens, they are custom made for people who enjoy that type of genre and cater more towards fans of the books.

Amy Adams who plays the main character in Sharp Objects has said that playing Camille messed her up, and would not enjoy returning to the show to do a second season. Since then, Sharp Objects has no desire to move on from Mini-Series status to get a second season. Adams declared it is too dark for more. Fans of the novel are pretty happy about that fact. As the novel is not open-ended and from the sound of things has a pretty conclusive ending.

John J. Falco