August 14, 2020
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Sean Spicer has a completely unoriginal idea for a TV show where the has-been Trump Communications Director talks to people who are only a little bit more important than he is. It’s bound to be a egotistical nightmare of partisan proportions on full throttle touching, I’m sure, the important issues of the day. Like Trump’s crowd sizes.

According to reports, Michael Avenatti, Kathy Griffin, and CNN’s Jim Acosta have all declined to be on his show.

The interesting thing is that Spicer is trying to revitalize his image after his stint in the Trump White House and nobody wants to help him do this. The show idea is interesting enough, a pub setting where public figures get to have a candid conversation with each other, however. Spicer himself may not be the best person to sell such a show. As it’s been reported there is no network attached yet. There is one person selling his stuff however, and that is his old pal. Donald Trump, the President just advertised Spicer’s book on twitter over the weekend.


John J. Falco