September 23, 2020
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Sean Spicer, is not getting hired by news networks because he has no credibility.

Often what happens to ex-members of White House staff, is that they become pundits on cable news networks. This isn’t really happening to ex-members of the Trump team. They could reach to the height of stardom during their 15 minutes of fame during however long their tenure is with Trump, but then no one wants to touch them with a ten foot pole.

Which only goes to damage Sean Spicer’s image after his surprise guest stint at the Emmys. While he claimed that the Emmys would have the biggest audience ever, and didn’t. It only reminded future employers and reinforced the theory that Sean Spicer has no credibility and will say anything for the right price!

It’s said that all major networks have refused to hire Spicer for a full time contributor gig, including the embattled Fox News, which seems to be firing hosts left and right. It’s said he is now thinking of reality TV…


John J. Falco