April 16, 2021
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From meltdowns to disappearing twitter accounts, Sean Hannity looks like he’s breaking down, right before our eyes.

It all started Thursday night on live TV when he refused to accept the fact that Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller. He alluded that his Fox News sources, whoever they may be, were not accepting the story as fact, then moments later he got word that yes indeed they were accepting the story as fact.

Yes, that means Hannity made something up on the spot without checking with anybody and then he lied about what they apparently said. Hannity didn’t admit he was wrong and instead went straight to a video of a car chase.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, that clip started going viral on Twitter, and whispers started in Hollywood about Hannity’s objectivity, and how long he might have a job. It isn’t likely that Fox News will fire Hannity. They didn’t for his Seth Rich conspiracy theories and not to mention all the other ones he’s come up with over the years.

But a temporary twitter shut down has reanimated conspiracy theorists about the deep state. Like it or not, Hannity is one of the most watch TV hosts in America, and for his twitter account to be disabled will of course cause controversy.

But Fox News’ response to media organizations seeking information about what happened last night, is nothing but cryptic trolling. They actually told people to keep watch on Hannity’s twitter for a response. The cryptic Form Submission 1649 #Hannity the account sent out last night, has not been updated. So WTF is going on?

Is this nothing but a ratings ploy? Is Sean Hannity going insane? Or is he getting fired? Maybe sexual assault allegations are incoming? At this point anything could happen.

John J. Falco