August 14, 2020
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The worlds of Television, Tech, and Politics, which are the three main topics of my blog, is coming together in the Russian investigation. Today, Twitter revealed to Congress that the Kremlin backed TV Network Russia Today has spent $274,000 on ads on the mini-social network, and that’s just from data linked to Facebook ads!

This social network that Trump just so happens to favor, has come under fire from the House Intelligence Committee due to it’s lack of investigation and the lack of any forensic analysis into the user and meta-data surrounding these fake Russian accounts.

Twitter has also banned 200 accounts that were linked to the Russian Government which had sponsored these ads. As much of the hubhub with AI sounds promising, it only can do so much and right now it’s only focused on blocking bots. Not fake users who post fake news. Systems need to get smarter if they want maintain the integrity of U.S. Elections, as well as the sanity of humankind everywhere! There is also that sneaking suspicion that twitter might not want to upset its most valuable asset by completely cooperating with Congress.

At the very least, we have begun to crack the mystery of who is doing this crap, but I fear these latest revelations are just the tip of the iceberg. The age of artificial stupidity continues and Russia is funding it!

According to The Hill, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all been invited to publicly testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Nov. 1, but have not yet confirmed.

John J. Falco