October 31, 2020
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Early last night Black Panther became the number one movie in the world. With a majority black cast, the black community swelled the hype of the joyous occasion of having black action heroes being represented on the big screen some for the first time in their lives. Early earnings estimates bring in a $25 million Thursday night pay day for the Wakanda themed film but it’s seen it’s fair share of controversy already.

Early last night I noticed some reports that claim black people either yelled at white people to go home and that this movie wasn’t for us, or that black people physically assaulted white movie goers at theaters. Trolls poked fun online, about reverse racism, white people shooting up theaters with mostly black audiences, and the need for all black Black Panther audiences. I have found no reports of any of this happening outside twitter rumorings.

Early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes were troll like attempts from likely white supremacists, Russian bots, and conservatives to undermine the African movie. The claim of P.C. progressiveness from these reviews will be left in the dust, as Rotten Tomatoes realized early on that they have to put a stop to it. Of course, this caused more controversy among those groups, reinforcing their beliefs that a white person is not allowed to not like Black Panther.

But what remains true is that these incidents of racial divide in the country remained largely to the fringe extremes. Most people regardless of their race, or where they lived, liked the movie enough. I for one can’t wait to see it. Black Panther has managed to break multiple glass ceilings and transcend all that nonsense.

John J. Falco