June 21, 2021
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Mark Burnett has been reported choking Tom Arnold at an Emmys event. What would cause a super producer such as Burnett to choke a random B-celebrity? Well, how about damaging tapes of The Apprentice that show him in a bad light as well?

If you’ve heard this before than you’ve probably read my articles about how Ronan Farrow may be working with the Daily Beast on an investigation into the sexual harassment culture at NBC News or even NBC itself. There’s no bigger producer at NBC than Mark Burnett except perhaps for Dick Wolf. So those two are likely culprits, but I’ll put my money on Burnett. Apparently Arnold found the Trump tapes, which Burnett does NOT want out in the open! Some say his kids were threatened by the Trump family. Arnold is making a TV show about finding said Trump tapes. Apparently he has found them, and has given them to one, Ronan Farrow. A little odd that Arnold didn’t reveal this on his TV show, but no one ever said Arnold wasn’t a little weird.

While he’s not busy taking down his own family, he’s been busy writing lengthy exposes of top executives at major media companies like CBS’ Leslie Moonves and it was said there was an investigation into NBC News as well. If Farrow does indeed have the Trump tapes, we will know soon enough.


John J. Falco