August 14, 2020
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Ask any individual person at any time and they will likely say that they are sick of franchises 🙁 and would prefer more individual stories coming out of Hollywood. Yet that is not going to happen anytime soon. Franchises are a cash cow business in the industry and nowadays most anything can become one.

Now go to any theater in America and what are the films that most Americans are excited to see? It’s not smart custom made movies like the sci-fi flick Arrival or Spielberg’s BFG. No, it’s the familiar comfortable titles we all know like Marvel and Star Wars.

Consider that Captain America: Civil War (which combined a bunch of Marvel Properties into one) made $408 Million. The beloved Deadpool laughed all the way to the bank with $363 Million. Anything with a Disney label did relatively well this year, especially the latest not-needed franchise Finding Dory which made a staggering $486 Million. Yes you read that right, Finding Dory beat Civil War by $80 Million.

Now how much of that was genuine interest or pure curiosity about the characters we last saw since 2003. Well, that’s for the Disney Marketing people to figure out for the next film in the franchise. Disney’s live-action storybook franchise also seems to be doing well at $364 Million The Jungle Book is neck and neck with Fox’s Deadpool.

With Star Wars: Rouge One yet to come out and Fantastic Beasts numbers still rolling in, 2016 will definitely beat 2015’s 11.1 Billion windfall. The theaters aren’t dead yet.

John J. Falco