Queen of the South Features TV’s First Battle Over Cryptocurrency
Posted by John J. Falco on 7th July 2018

Listen up Tom Cruise, in what is certainly a preview for things to come in espionage thrillers, Queen of the South has raised the stakes. The show returned to it’s cryptocurrency storyline in the third episode of season 3. Even going so far as to create it’s own coin The Pteria Coin, in an effort to not show any coin in the crypto-marketplace too much love.

Whoever is writing these portions of the show has certainly got their eyes on the crypto-markets.  Like Teresa says, the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets are too volatile right now. Perhaps they followed the John McAfee debacle. If a coin were to be mentioned as Teresa’s favorite coin of choice, the real life price would likely skyrocket. A modern day TV show using the coin in the show for multiple future episodes??? The market would certainly notice. So it’s interesting that out of more than 1600 coins out there in the market, they decided to go with their own and play it safe.

Much like the folks over on Silicon Valley, with their pipercoin. Which didn’t do so well, just like the majority of icos. Though while there is a real pipercoin that is not associated with HBO, it’s unclear if USA or a Queen of the South fan will create pteria.

Queen of the South Features a Unique High Stakes Look at a Shadowy Cryptoworld With Spinoff Potential

As I mentioned before, Crypto-banker and all around baddie Rocco has keeps his European Sex Club fully stocked with all types of coins, and of course women. When Teresa sees what goes on behind the scenes at the sex club, and how the girls are treated. A bit of PTSD kicks in and she risks everything to save the girls and get the hard drive with her money on it!

It was worth it for Teresa to risk everything because she used to be one of the girls. When Teresa was starting out, she knew what it felt like to be treated like garbage. Now that she has an army of loyal girls and 19 million in pteria. Her team/growing empire is free to burn Europe and set up shop elsewhere. However, the government is hot on her trail and they aren’t backing down. Especially since Camila apparently wants to team up with Rocco.

Yes, Startup is a TV show full of action about creating a crypto-currency, but that’s on Crackle. Not traditional TV. What with their explosions and bazookas Queen of the South has a much bigger budget than Startup. I haven’t seen an action packed battle over cryptocurrency on any TV show, or movie for that matter. If anyone has please let me know in the comments below.

Does Rocco’s crypto-world deserve it’s own spinoff? Did the writers of Queen of the South ever envision Cryptocurrency playing such a big role in their show? Why the Pteria? Someone from the Bitcoin community should ask the show writers this stuff.