Pushing Daisies, Two and a Half Men, and more Eye Roseanne Timeslot
Posted by John J. Falco on 30th May 2018

The Roseanne Effect is being heard loud and clear in Hollywood. As ABC’s schedule is shaken to it’s core. Projects that were once on the back-burner or considered long gone and done, are now seeing the light of day. More TV Shows are eyeing the Roseanne Time-slot.

  • Bryan Fuller, who is now has a somewhat free schedule after he left various high profile TV shows like Star Trek Discovery, apparently has an idea for more Pushing Daisies on ABC.
  • Enlisted creators are trying to push a new season to ABC
  • Charlie Sheen apparently has a script for a 2.5 Men reboot. Would that be a comedy about a former playboy living with aids??
  • Fans of Happy Endings are also pushing for ABC to pick it up again.

ABC is also mulling a number of scripts that it had passed on but the problem with that is that whatever show they pick up will have to have a speedy film time. The Fix, Whiskey Cavalier and Grand Hotel were all scheduled for Mid-season/ a winter or spring run.

The most high profile comedy in that timeslot would obviously be 2.5 men, and I don’t doubt Charlie Sheen’s eventual comeback, but the real question is, will the network go with one crazy star over another?? Happy Endings would be well, timely.