June 26, 2019
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The Roseanne Effect is being heard loud and clear in Hollywood. As ABC’s schedule is shaken to it’s core. Projects that were once on the back-burner or considered long gone and done, are now seeing the light of day. More TV Shows are eyeing the Roseanne Time-slot.

  • Bryan Fuller, who is now has a somewhat free schedule after he left various high profile TV shows like Star Trek Discovery, apparently has an idea for more Pushing Daisies on ABC.
  • Enlisted creators are trying to push a new season to ABC
  • Charlie Sheen apparently has a script for a 2.5 Men reboot. Would that be a comedy about a former playboy living with aids??
  • Fans of Happy Endings are also pushing for ABC to pick it up again.

ABC is also mulling a number of scripts that it had passed on but the problem with that is that whatever show they pick up will have to have a speedy film time. The Fix, Whiskey Cavalier and Grand Hotel were all scheduled for Mid-season/ a winter or spring run.

The most high profile comedy in that timeslot would obviously be 2.5 men, and I don’t doubt Charlie Sheen’s eventual comeback, but the real question is, will the network go with one crazy star over another?? Happy Endings would be well, timely.

John J. Falco