June 21, 2021
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Back in the 1980s, when Donald Trump was a Billionaire Playboy Americans had little reason to distrust the media and government institutions. After actions committed by President Nixon with the infamous Watergate scandal in the 1970s this led to a more questioning public when future Presidents got into trouble, but it wasn’t like this. Then on a Friday in 1993. September 10, no doubt. Everything changed thanks the The X-Files, which premiered at 9 PM.

It was the first show of it’s kind to literally question everything and trust no one. As the world comes to terms with who our new President is. I take a shot in the dark and link everything that’s happened not to the Kardashians and OJ Simpson, not to the polarized media and the corruption of government, but back to the legacy left by the X-Files, even if the TV show itself is not so relevant today.

When the X-Files was the latest franchise to be revived last year, many fans welcomed the news, but then something odd happened. Fox renewed it for a new 11th season for 2018 and is currently working on the deal, but no one cared. Many fans just shrugged their shoulders when they heard about the renewal and that’s if they heard about it! It’s newest iteration on the silver screen got lackluster critical reviews and ratings wise it was all over the map. It just wasn’t that good, but why? Why aren’t people as interested in this nostalgia as they are with some of the others when all others were otherwise pretty successful?

If the Fox Mulder of the 90s were to read internet comments and Facebook today, he would be proud and he would even be worried about the very corporations that make the phones that deliver this news as well as the content delivery pipes from which they stream! Because there was no internet back then! The new Mulder? Not so much… It was like watching a character figure out how crazy he seemed to be hunting for the truth all this time. Often in the new six episodes the character questions why he wasted all his time doing this. Now that everybody does it from their phones, what’s the point?

Mulder shouldn’t fret, though. The X-Files achieved their goals and now the President of this country often echoes Mulder and his team. The truth was found. It’s out there, twisting freely in the wind. News about weird fish or killer apes, and government conspiracies of every sort are readily accessible at a moment’s notice. And usually these stories are often connected in the minds of the public. The Roswell UFO Crash is now such a part of US history that it is basically a fact (even if it’s not), and every government in the world has their own “X-Files Cases” they release frequently to the public!

The basic conspiracy theory mythology of the X-Files was a bold one for Hollywood, and for TV, especially at that time and it has transformed our world. Yet it is my analysis that the X-Files 2.0 hasn’t been as popular as it was because this stuff is available to everybody, anywhere, and it doesn’t even matter if you want to search for it, or if it’s even real! It’s not because of the diversity of great TV that has exploded in the past 20 years. It’s not because of the crappy writing and really thin plots in the new season. It’s not because the world is a 24/7 Jerry Springer Reality Show. Although, all those things are certainly part of the X-Files downfall, the real killer here is it’s lost it’s shock value, thanks to click-bait.

Fox Mulder, the man who questioned everything even his own government, is now the poster child of the modern world. Yet today he would find himself out of a job or busier than ever before tracking down pointless theories that lead nowhere. Which in the new season Mulder highlighted as he often questioned his place in this new paranoid-prone world. He would be the perfect Ambassador For Earth under a Trump Administration. It’s because we are essentially living in an X-File! While the 90s tech of the X-Files seems horribly out of date, the wide ranging influence of the cult hit TV show feels closer to home now more than ever as Donald Trump settles into the White House for the first time. Does it all come down to the fact that, for the greater good we want to believe?


John J. Falco