March 3, 2021
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If only the real world was boring enough to care about something so small and polarizing as gun rights, but apparently not even the hunt for the people who killed everyone in Congress is enough to stop partisans in the world of Designated Survivor for attempting to hijack the new President’s agenda.

In a reset since his ascension to higher office, President Kirkman held a conference to lay out his agenda. Gun control was specifically left off that list because as he stated he didn’t want to focus on something so polarizing. Soon after that press conference his wife steps on his toes by saying that she thinks the gun control issue that needs to be dealt with better in this country.

It turns into a nationwide controversy which overshadows the important work President Kirkman set out to do and he specifically didn’t want to get into partisan bickering fights. Now, some theories are starting out that Alex Kirkman, Pres. Tom Kirkland’s wife is doing all this purposely, and might even be a mastermind behind this whole conspiracy, but that’s besides the point of this article.

Next up is a townhall event where Kirkland is appealing to the people there and answering their questions. When one guy asks what President Kirkland is planning to do for Manufacturing jobs that have been lost. Kirkland replies, “It’s Gone.” He says, it’s not coming back, and any politician who promises that those jobs will come back are lying to you. It’s interesting because that was one of the things most crucial to Donald Trump our real president getting elected by middle america. Was it a dig at the President?

Now, Kirkland had an interesting plan to create a public works and training program for people who have lost those jobs that are not coming back and for them to be trained in more technical skills, but that got overshadowed by yet another person asking about gun control and background checks. Kirkland danced around the issue well enough, but the rest of the plot line has already been hijacked by politicians trying to box the President into a corner on the gun control issue. It is a shame that even in fiction, more important matters and solutions to problems get lost between the cracks.

John J. Falco