September 23, 2020
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Last year’s Super Bowl drew 100 Million Viewers in February. According to industry insiders the 2016 Presidential Debate between Clinton and Trump could trump it in viewers. In addition regular cable news channels including CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, tonight’s debate will be able to be live-streamed on a bunch of online outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, and Hulu. So hear that millennials? There’s NO excuses!

The format? 90 Minutes of no commercial breaks, 15 minutes of topics where each of the two candidates get to dive in to each topic for two minutes at a time. Needless to say, this will be a lot different than the Primary Debates.

The mere existence of Donald Trump’s name brings in big ratings. It’s his whole game ever since he announced his run for President, but that leaves people wondering what Trump will show up tonight on that stage?

Will it be the cool collective Trump we saw at the beginning of the primaries and when Kellyanne Conway stepped on board? Or will the boisterous loud, look-at-me for ratings Trump try to smash a collective Clinton into the ground?

Clinton has to prove that she is above Trump while also trying to appeal as a friendly person who understands the normal American people. This has ALWAYS been her weak spot. Her likability. Trump has to make sure he doesn’t say anything outlandish, or nuts. If this happens the debate will be very boring and Clinton will probably win, but while it is the scenario Americans should want, it won’t necessarily be the scenario we will get.

The one thing I know for sure? If Clinton coughs, it’s game over. Trump wins.


John J. Falco