January 20, 2021
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The fluidity of this TV season knows no bounds. After getting renewed for a season 3 TBS has finally announced People of Earth is cancelled.

People of Earth is one of those gem shows that come along once in a lifetime and it had significant impact on my life. It’s not only the fourth leg of great comedy TV, in my opinion. It gave the meaning of my life full circle. As I wrote before, People of Earth made fun of a time in my life where I seriously believed as did the characters on that TV show did. Being the four pillars of TV comedy shows that have defined my life. It ranks up there with The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and Master of None. Yes, I have watched other optimistic comedies (even hate watched The Office) but these four are the ones that have left a lasting impact.

I hate this even though I saw it coming. All the cast are mostly doing other projects namely Wyatt Cenac. It wasn’t even mentioned in TBS upfront presentation. I figured Conan or someone would talk about it. Or even have it in promotional material. But no. Nada. Zilch.

What does that mean for the future of comedy? With the death of People of Earth, a comedy which wholeheartedly made fun of certain lizard people conspiracy theories, what does that mean for the politics of this country? Is the normalization of Alternate Facts now complete?

If it wouldn’t surprise people like Bill Maher, that Donald Trump, might one day claim that lizard people really are in charge of the government, did a twisted sense of political correctness kill People of Earth? It’s true that conspiracy theorists do not like getting laughed at or poked at. Trust me, I would know. I was one. This however, brings us to a whole new level of what network executives really believe that I really would not like to get into.

Let’s just chalk this up to too many TV shows being out there for fans and the culture is not at the right place to truly appreciate the glory of People of Earth. It could have gone places, but perhaps was a bit too small minded in it’s thinking. With the season 2 finale the show seemed to be moving in the right direction with not just making fun of alien abductees but also doomsday cults, survivalists, and even perhaps religion/God itself/himself. There does need to be a comedy out there that makes fun of all this stuff and People of Earth could have been that show. Only until the completion of much group therapy sessions will this country be able to sit back and laugh at our now stupid beliefs in these conspiracy theories. In that sense People of Earth was ahead of it’s time.


John J. Falco