September 23, 2020
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The TV show known as The Donald Trump Presidency, a mixed blend of reality TV, conspiracy theory, and politics, has graced our tiny screens for almost three years now. With the constant tweeting, radio interviews, phone calls to media personalities, documentaries, and speeches of grandeur.  The shock value, ended last night.

The world got it’s first taste of what Donald Trump speaking to Congress will look like for the next four years, that is if he lasts that long. The man himself has been on his best behavior since he started this whole experiment, but even that is in question itself.

Trump’s Speech to Congress ended up getting nearly 48 Million viewers which isn’t too bad, but if you consider what Obama, and Clinton first got. It should be a little troubling to the guy who “brings great ratings.”

So what happened? Why didn’t Donald bring the ratings? Could it be that we as a society have reached peak Trump? That he has trolled into the minds of every single American and they are already sick of him? That the only people who are left who still care are the Congress and the media? The two groups of people in the country who the public trusts the least?

On one side you have a group of people who are outraged that Trump is basically manipulating them at every turn and on the other side you have a group of people who are hopelessly optimistic that Trump will stay in line and follow the letter of the law. Who don’t dare call out the most powerful person on the face of the Earth in fear for their job when he constantly lies to the American people on a daily basis, and admits it.

Trump’s grand schemes are becoming clearer to all and they almost always have something to do with ratings or likability. In an effort to sound better, to feed talking points to the media that they might like to hear so that they would paint Trump in a positive light for a few hours. an unnamed (Trump’s favorite) White House official claimed that Trump misled the media in a misdirection play hours before his speech. A Misdirection Play basically is another word for lying. Now, more reports are coming out how Trump oversells his promises of the moon, and how optimistic politicians are falling for it and hard. Even Democrats are getting into trouble.

Who’s to say, that’s not what the purpose of the entire speech was last night too? A misdirection play, for Congress, and another one for the media. As Trump becomes the most obvious corrupt politician ever, the public cannot afford to tune him out.


John J. Falco