July 8, 2020
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With Host Jimmy Kimmel kicking off the 68th Emmy Awards by driving to them, in that classic white Bronco. OJ Simpson once again has dominated water-cooler conversations for the past year.

As FX’s most watch show in history dominated the awards, one couldn’t help thinking if OJ Simpson himself was watching the Emmys or even one of the best written shows in years from his jail cell. I can’t get a definite answer on this. No one is saying.


The People VS OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, is pretty great at decoding what went on behind the scenes during the trial and how everyone was playing these political games with each other and everyone was looking at everybody else suspiciously. It seems OJ took a backseat in his own trial. As someone who was a kid growing up during the trial, all I honestly remember was the white bronco, but those scenes could have been imprinted on my mind in any of the 21 years since then.

As a millennial, watching the first case America truly became obsessed over, in it’s entirety was an eye opener. Half the time I was thinking, people really did that, thought that? The other half of the time I was thinking, we do this all the time now! Half the time I thought how easy the defense’s case could have been disproven today with something like say a text message, but then again due to the recent cases that have been popularized in the same light as OJ Simpson’s case was, I am not too sure about that.

It’s a given that OJ Simpson propelled the true-crime genre to new heights and now Amanda Knox is trying to capitalize on this with her own special on Netflix. The Kardashians have certainly profited and possibly craved that attention so much that they were brainwashed to keep it going. If we are to credit Kardashians with launching reality TV into the stratosphere, what does that say about The Apprentice and Donald Trump? Jimmy Kimmel joked that without TV there would be no Donald Trump, and without Kardashians there would be no Apprentice. Without OJ there would be no Kardashians!!!!!

Despite this grand conspiracy theory that I laid out with the Genius behind most reality TV Mark Burrnett directly in the middle of the controversy, one controversy was really laid to rest Sunday Night.

Sarah Paulson, who played Marcia Clark on The People VS OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, brought the real Marcia Clark as her date and simply apologized to her for the treatment that she received from practically everyone, all the time, during the trial. It was a class act that got much applause. Class act!


John J. Falco