June 21, 2021
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Amazon is losing some clout from anti-gun advocates who discovered that there is indeed an NRA TV station and that Amazon streams it as part of the prime subscription. As part of the #StopNRAmazon movement people are cancelling their prime subscriptions until it’s removed.

The NRA TV channel has been sharing widely offensive clips about how the media apparently loves mass shooting because of ratings. The organization which champions the second amendment and calls for less gun regulation is one of the largest players in the realm of lobbying and dirty politics. It’s ramping up their TV and advertising to make sure no new gun laws are passed and that the other side doesn’t get heard.

NRATV Faces boycotts for this and other wild statements

The NRA forgets that the media has for years discussed how to lessen the fame that the mass shooters may desire, and in some instances news coverage can go hours without even reporting the name of the shooter.

Both celebrities and average twitter users are calling for Amazon and Jeff Bezos to drop it’s support of the channel. Roku has said that they won’t.

John J. Falco