November 13, 2019
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The hard working journalists and staff over at CBS News and 60 Minutes have seemed to have enough. They are sick and tired of dealing with derogatory comments and being groped by dirty old men. They are saying #timesup by taking out their own leadership team!

As the Washington Post’s Amy Brittain puts it, “In a span of just 10 months, the face of CBS’s morning news show (Charlie Rose), the head of its signature investigative program, “60 Minutes,” (Jeff Fager) and the CEO of the entire company (Les Moonves) have been¬†ousted after #metoo allegations. Let that sink in for a moment.”

This past few days since Moonves’ departure CBS, seemed to have some good headlines going for it. The board was reinforced, settlements went out, and the company seemed to be heading in a new direction. And, after relentless battering from reports about sickening and vulgar harassment claims CBS promised a safe working environment. Yet, CBS is still a network on edge. It’s struggling news department still plagued by many problems. The Redstones need to be quick in order to save it from imploding completely.

National Correspondent Jericka Duncan has been reporting extensively on the the #metoo scandals plaguing the network and Fager didn’t want her to cover his own scandal. He sent a threatening text to her even after it was announced he was leaving the company. “There are people who’ve lost their jobs trying to harm me.”

This is indeed all because of the New Yorker Article which came out in July. The article mentioned that Fager touched employees in ways that made them feel uncomfortable ways and that 19 employees said Fager covered it up. Fager continues to deny the claims, but does admit to sending the text to Duncan. He says that the threat shouldn’t be taken seriously. It was his only mistake in 36 years which should not result in termination. Adding that CBS didn’t like it, and that’s the only reason he was fired. #eyeroll.

The problem is that this type of stuff keeps being discovered about these types of men in these positions of power. At one point the majority of the public could have doubted the women making these claims. Now however, with current scandals brewing at CBS and NBC the two most popular basic networks, it will get harder and harder to ignore #metoo and #timesup. This is far from the end.

John J. Falco