May 28, 2020
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Before the height of peak TV, Nickelodeon was experiencing something of a prequel to that and now, they are shamelessly reviving everything they can get their hands on. Whether it’d be Rugrats or Hey Arnold! The newest rumor trending now is that Drake & Josh is getting that green-light. In the all important age of Nostalgia it’s no secret that Nick has been pushing for remakes and it’s been no secret that Drake Bell hopes to return to his glory days by rebooting the series that made him Hollywood’s golden tween boy.

In a cryptic Youtube video posted by none other Drake Bell himself, he pleads with fans to help him find Walter. Fans immediately made the connection to Drake & Josh that Walter Nichols is the dad character on the show, sparking those revival rumors once again.

From the “Where’s Walter,” clip, it seems life after the show hasn’t been too kind to him, and the video creates a new darker story line for the goofy weatherman. It certainly is a dark turn for the silly comedy series about two brothers moving in with each other. Could Drake & Josh ever possibly compete with the likes of Breaking Bad as a dark comedy?? We’ll just have to wait and see if this is a movie or a tv show, or just a joke.

John J. Falco