July 20, 2019
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  • 9:22 pm CNN’s Hiring of Sarah Isgur is a Travesty

Fox News Channel and ABC are managing the duel in their own ways. Hannity has been silent on twitter since April 6 when he last tweeted an insult to Kimmel. Kimmel meanwhile seemed to be delighted that Hannity was paying so much attention to him and has since been tweeting about TV shows and movies to watch.

Fox News ramped up the attacks on ABC, in a poor one sided attempt to try to get Kimmel fired even though they don’t expect that to happen. According to Fox the whole network is hoping Roseanne, can be a saving grace, for everybody’s jobs??? Also Fox News hopes that thanks to Roseanne and apparently Sean Hannity, the network will now revive Last Man Standing. Many conservatives think it was cancelled due to liberal bias. What this has to do with Kimmel I don’t know.

Fox News also went after Shonda Rhimes and various ABC employees for being anti-Trump. ABC does not seem to be publicly cheering for Kimmel, but maybe that’s because ABC understands comedy, and that Hannity isn’t worth the time.

Hannity said he didn’t want Kimmel’s show shut down. Despite him throwing out the Harvey Weinstein Jr, accusation. Does Sean Hannity not understand comedy??? He didn’t care if people boycott the show but Fox News was making a big deal of the useless petition that was going around online. Apparently all Hannity wants is for Kimmel to apologize to Melania Trump. Sure…

Fox News did not show Hannity’s opening Friday night monologue online, while Kimmel’s jokes about him were trending on social media. There have been no women coming forward to claim that Hannity is right about his accusation about Kimmel, but Hannity meanwhile, has some shady ties to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and is an obvious Chris Matthews-like supporter of the Trump family.

Hannity has vowed to keep attacking Kimmel until he apologizes to Melania Trump, though the twitter battle stopped late Friday night. Kimmel likely got permission to go after Hannity in the way that he did and knows that it’s all in good fun. Hannity likely doesn’t or he’s just trolling for ratings after learning that Rachael Maddow has beaten him.

John J. Falco