Networks Hedge Winter Return Schedule for Trump Speech
Posted by John J. Falco on 8th January 2019

Tuesday night is the night of big winter premieres and the return of some shows. The major networks have made the calculated decision to air President Trump’s 8 minute speech on immigration which will be cutting into those shows. Those shows which will be affected include: CBS’s FBI, ABC’s Blackish, NBC’s Ellen’s Game of Games, and Fox’s The Gifted.  NBC was counting on leading the pack with big ratings hit for Ellen’s Game of Games. All of that has been decided to be not as important as President Trump’s speech, and now a Democratic rebuttal. CBS, NBC, and CNN have so far agreed to air the Democrats’ response

This has led to some resistance in the media and online where many people are tired of the President’s lies and falsehoods. Many have pointed out that the media decided in 2014 Obama’s speech was too partisan, but apparently they do not believe the same for Trump. Many also would like the networks to fact-check the President (who will most certainly lie) in real-time. Networks are currently grappling on how to do that because doing a Democratic rebuttal, which will be just as polarizing is not enough. Did Trump just expose that there is no liberal media?

Unclear how the ratings of these shows will be affected.