June 21, 2021
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Is this The Office you were looking for?

Ever since The Office ended its massive nine year run, it’s popularity has only seemed to have grown. Netflix took note, as the series has gradually increased in popularity ever since it was put onto it’s platform. It’s rumored to be the most popular show on the streaming service, by a large factor.

So it’s not surprising that Trump’s idea for a Space Force branch sparked a TV series in the minds of the beloved creators of The Office. It’s the perfect cultural mixing pot. Even if it messes up with other rumors of TV shows it could also add some fun into the mix.

The Office Reunion?:

It almost certainly means that The Office will not be coming back for new episodes, but that doesn’t mean that The Office actors or even CHARACTERS can’t appear on this new show. Right? Think of all the references Carell and team can make. Dunder Mifflin will almost have to be a big contract for the Space Force!

A Black Mirror Connection?:

Steve Carell is not the first actor you think of when you think Black Mirror. But, one has to wonder what does this show mean for the potential Black Mirror USS Callister spinoff? Since Netflix now owns Black Mirror, could some ideas from that team also be incorporated into the Space Force show? It’s unclear if any scifi elements will be included the Space Force TV show or what year this show will take place.

More like The West Wing?:

Or perhaps the Space Force TV Show will be more like a merger of the West Wing/the Office. West Wing is another popular show on Netflix and the show could easily reference some of the characters from The West Wing.

A Play for Seth MacFarlane and a Scifi Comedy Extended Universe?:

Netflix is not shy about signing big names to grandiose projects and giving them outrageous salaries. Steve Carell is getting $1 million per episode of Space Force. Seth MacFarlane was embarrassed by Fox News and may be unhappy at Fox where he currently has his own scifi comedy show The Orville. Could Space Force be the beginning of some new scifi comedy universe at the streaming service? It’s probably too early to dwell on this possibility, but if Space Force is a success a new universe may form.

Obviously, I’m having fun thinking about the possibilities of a show that I think will be a massive runaway success. It could incorporate everything this generation loves: The office’s style of comedy, the crazy drama of the white house and the middle (forgotten) man trying to figure it out as he goes, references to cultural events in the TV show, references to other TV shows in the TV show and etc… When a show with no script’s Youtube announcement, gets 500K views in less than 24 hours. Something’s there.


John J. Falco