October 17, 2019
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In effort to capitalize on Post Peak-TVs 90s obsession, and perhaps there was a desire to educate kids at some point in the early decision makings of The Magic School Bus Rids Again.  Netflix has decided to go ahead anyway and reboot the classic 90s TV show, but maybe Netflix should have stayed away.

No matter what a franchise does to reboot itself these days it is almost always met with criticism from those past/original fans who fell in love with it first. The Magic School Bus might have been my first brush with science fiction. After all, I was five years old when the school bus first beeped onto TV.

So Netflix threw in a bit of Hamilton with a Lin Manuel Miranda theme song and mixed it up with SNL darling Kate Mckinnon. It still wasn’t enough. It feels really forced and the animation looks bad. With close to 1 Million views so far, the trailer has nearly twice as many dislikes than likes on YouTube.

The education aspect still shows a lot of potential. Due to the advances in science, technology, and engineering. A wealth of kid-friendly material is available. I didn’t see much of this new stuff from the trailer. Since the school bus hanging out in space or going through the human body has been done in the original series before. What Rides Again, has to do is not live in the past, but drive on to the future. Don’t just re-do the series make it something unique or it will be as crappy as Bill Nye Saves the World.

John J. Falco