Netflix will spend $12 Billion on Content in 2018
Posted by John J. Falco on 6th July 2018

If you thought Netflix couldn’t beat 2017’s $9 Billion budget. You’d be dead wrong. Netflix will now be spending $12 Billion on content over the next year.

This bodes well for fans of the streaming service as it fights to maintain it’s place on top. Keeping the eyeballs glued to Netflix 24/7. Recently Netflix is making big push into the sometimes overlooked genres of science fiction and anime. They don’t tend to do so well in traditional media. Yet these genres seem to thrive on Netflix. Netflix’s stock is coming off it’s all time high and was recently crowned the most valuable media company on Earth.

Indeed, Netflix has hours and hours of original content. It seems to be jumping into more IP and franchises for it’s growing film department. At one point, Netflix was being considered for acquisition by major media corporations. Now it’s getting harder and harder for that to happen. I wonder if Netflix has more properties in mind that it is thinking of buying. As the media continues to consolidate. These properties become harder and harder to find, but Netflix continues to shock the world, and feed fans what they crave.

Changes are coming:

Netflix has recently changed how some of their shows are aired. Like traditional TV, splitting seasons into two parts to keep production costs low. Netflix also now has a couple of shows that air on a weekly basis.

Yet in a stunning reversal, Netflix is prepared to get rid of their reviews altogether. Which makes sense. Twitter has become the go-to for movie reviews, and Save TV campaigns. Yes, the success of #ThanosDeservesYourSilence, and the #SaveLucifer + #SaveTheExpanse campaigns probably factored into this decision. Nothing good has ever come from Netflix reviews. Netflix says it’s going to remove the user reviews in stages due to the trolls that have invaded the commenting systems and polarized some of the content. The streaming giant is also currently flirting with higher prices, which will be needed to pay for the content.