Netflix Renews Cult Sci-fi Shows Travellers and The OA for Season 2
Posted by John J. Falco on 9th February 2017

As Netflix continues it’s push into sci-fi it’s becoming a well known rule in the industry that every original TV Series that Netflix creates gets its standard three season guarantee.

That’s right, Netflix has not cancelled a show after it’s first season yet besides for the ill fated Marco Polo, and all other shows on Netflix have lasted three seasons or more. So it’s comforting to know that even with these lesser dramas Netflix goes all in on more episodes.  We can’t know if Travellers and The OA will get Season 3 this early on, but it’s safe to say, at least in The OA’s case, a surprise trailer dropping a week before launch date, drove up some buzz.

Each of these sci-fi shows on Netflix present interesting stories: The OA is about Soul Travel as much as it is about dying, and Travellers is about time travel as much as it is about Soul Travel. While The OA comes across as a hippy-dippy edgy drama, Travellers seems to be Netflix’s first foray into the standard police procedural with a time-bending twist. Travellers is a big concept drama while The OA is more of a standalone story with cult-like mentality. The OA might have had more buzz coming right out of the gate, but I think and hope Travellers has staying power. Both are worth checking out for die-hard sci-fi fans.