June 26, 2019
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The most popular show in the UK is about to get that much more popular. Bodyguard will find new popularity around the world as it heads to Netflix. The breakout British drama is gaining viewers week after week as the espionage/political thriller goes into it’s sixth episode. Bodyguard premiered with over 10 million views and has taken the UK by storm.

It follows, Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden as a David Budd (Madden), a heroic but volatile war veteran now working as a Specialist Protection Officer for the Royalty and Specialist Branch (RasP) of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. When he is assigned to protect the ambitious and powerful Home Secretary Julia Montague (Hawes), Budd finds himself torn between his duty and his beliefs. Responsible for her safety, could he become her biggest threat?

Bodyguard has pretty much maintained it’s audience fluctuating between 8-10 million viewers. With Bodyguard Netflix may have found it’s new binge-worthy drama since Stranger Things. This is a continuation of Netflix’s ongoing partnership with BBC.

John J. Falco