July 20, 2019
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In this fragmented TV ecosystem Netflix reigns as content King. A new survey found that out of 2,500 randomly selected people, Netflix was the top TV channel for 27% of them. Followed by basic cable (AMC/HBO/Showtime etc..) at 20%. This is significant as Netflix’s stock rises to all time highs and new streamers try to pry eyeballs away from their loyal fanboys. If those streamers want to target younger audiences, they may be out of luck. For 40% of Americans aged 18-34, Netflix is the top TV channel, then it’s followed by YouTube. Streamers have their work cut out for them, but who says they can’t take a piece of the pie? Millennials love streamers. It’s been proven by market research that they are either willing to pay for premium subscription services for ad-free content, or actually sit through 3-5 or even 10 second ad clips. Something that would have been unheard of in the height of DVR days.

The streamer is not only pushing out hundreds of hours of content in America, but it also has a sizeable grip on the international content market as well as the stand-up comedian circuit. Everything Netflix touches seems to turn to gold. This quarter we also saw Netflix go after cancelled TV shows in saving Lucifer and Fox Musical pilot Mixtape, and still thinking about Designated Survivor. If Netflix was a little bit bigger, I wouldn’t be surprised if it would try to buy some other traditional content companies like perhaps Fox.

Yet with the good news, comes bad as it looks like Netflix will soon rollout another more expensive price plan at $14 for access to Ultra HD and probably 4K content. As people continue to pay for 3D and IMAX movies I don’t see the price increase effecting customer loyalty too much. There have been speculations for years that Netflix is prime candidate for a media company like Microsoft or Apple to buy. However, as the stock price ticks up and the brand becomes king of content, that may be just out of reach right now.

John J. Falco