January 20, 2021
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With it’s huge war chest Netflix is going places where no TV channel has gone before. The genre of science fiction has been under-appreciated in Hollywood for quite sometime and the best concepts can be destroyed by the bottom-line; budgets. Especially on TV where the biggest science fiction break-out in years has been Westworld.

Netflix is slowly changing that as the company realizes the appetite for science-fiction probably due in part to the popularity of Stranger Things, but Stranger Things, and it’s deal with Marvel aren’t going to last forever. So it has to come up with new ideas.

Netflix has recently acquired the rights to the popular Old Man’s War Series and they plan to make the first novel into a film. Much like their highly anticipated first movie franchise Bright, it too has a franchise opportunity. These two films proves that Netflix is getting serious about jumping feet first into science fiction movies with Hollywood A-list power attached.

On the TV side Netflix has the global rights to the space adventure drama The Expanse, and are heavily pushing the new Altered Carbon TV series due out in February. These are both very popular classic science fiction series. Along with Stranger Things, The OA, and Travelers, Netflix is also rebooting Lost in Space as a TV series due to premiere later in 2018 as well.

Netflix itself revolutionized Television itself as it re-introduced the world to Web TV after turning The House of Cards another series of novels into one of it’s most popular Television shows House of Cards, which became a pop culture phenomenon at exactly the right time in history. It also jumped on an opportunity to buy popular tech satire TV show Black Mirror.

While Disney’s streaming service may hurt Netflix’s choices for sci-fi (Star Wars and Marvel) in the future, here’s hoping they stick to their roots as a type of science fiction itself, it can’t lose sight of this market. There’s plenty of science fiction novels out there for Netflix to choose from. Which ones would you like to see developed?

John J. Falco