January 20, 2021
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After weeks of fan outrage and backlash, Netflix has responded in the most corporate way imaginable. Still Cancelled, sorry guys!

How bad were Sense8’s ratings? Netflix decided that they still couldn’t make it work even after the great lengths fans went to preserve this show. My guess is that everyone who joined in the campaign were fans and no one was left out of it. Stars of the show claimed that it didn’t have the numbers, and while Netflix doesn’t release internal numbers, something is shocking about this decision that is in stark contrast to another surprising piece of TV news that happened last month.

When Timeless was un-cancelled for a second season, I was genuinely surprised by that and not much in TV news surprises me anymore. What else is surprising me? The rate at which streaming keeps losing to broadcast is staggering.

All of the cancellations in broadcast television this year were meticulously decided and most of the established players survived. The only champion streaming networks had this year, was The Good Fight, which beat out it’s main competitor Chicago Justice. Netflix has essentially cleared the plate. No longer spending $10 million on an episode of a show that barely gets any fanfare the rest of the time it isn’t being cancelled.

Like Trump, Netflix has it’s base of supporters and subscribers that will have that $10 charge on their credit card until the day they die. In a month’s time the fan bitterness will subside and Netflix will announce a new show that will get everyone talking. Yet, other streaming networks have a problem. CBS ALL Access is ramping up their marketing promotion for the return of Star Trek, and I know of no one that is willing to pay for an extra subscription service. I’ve mentioned to many people how amazing American Gods is, and no one wants to pay for Starz for one 8 episode TV show. No matter how great it is.

So the question remains, did Sense8 suffer from too much content from the streaming TV channel? If so, Netflix has entered a new era, where this bubble can certainly pop and another streaming giant, that has cornered the market in licensing deals (Cough) HULU (Cough), might be one to watch out for.

John J. Falco