NBC Orders Law & Order: Hate Crimes
Posted by John J. Falco on 4th September 2018

As SVU comes into it’s 20th season with no signs of slowing down. Mr Dick Wolf seems to have more Law & Order up his sleeve.

For years, there has been speculation about what a new Law & Order might be called. It was the butt of many jokes. Now we know it will focus solely on hate crimes. I think lots of people don’t fully understand the concept of hate crimes and what they are/do to a person.

This reminds me of when SVU started. Not many people were willing to come forward with sex crimes. That was 20 years ago, when sex crimes were still seen as fringe. Now? We are in the middle of the metoo movement! Dick Wolf hopes to see something similar happen with Law & Order: Hate Crimes.

The networks have apparently been searching for a hate crime TV show for some time, and didn’t hesitate when Dick Wolf showed up with his. Wolf 71, shows no signs in slowing down. He has five drama series on the air (in addition to 3 cable docuseries). He wants to continue to expand all of his franchises.