July 20, 2019
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What has been behind the long and excruciating wait to see if Timeless gets a third season? Well, it sounds like SONY and NBC were/are trying to work out what a Timeless movie could look like.

Timeless fans have been waiting for weeks to see whether or not Timeless would get the coveted third season. However, the casts contracts are set to expire at the end of this month. So just in case a movie can’t get made, the network let their options expire.

A Timeless movie would be an interesting avenue for NBC to explore, not only to #saverufus, but also to jump start the franchise in a way that gives it more freedom than the era of the week episodes. Some of those episodes got mixed reactions from fans as seeming entirely unnecessary to the plot of the show. So perhaps after all, Timeless could have worked better as a movie in the first place.

TNT’s The Librarians, took a similar route only in reverse.  The Librarians TV which lasted four seasons, was based off a trilogy of movies starring Noah Wyle as a secretive Indiana Jones type Librarian. So perhaps with one Timeless movie, there could be more, freeing up the cast to do other projects. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become as bad as the Entourage movie was.

Timeless was one of the longest cancellation decisions made of any show since May.

John J. Falco