June 26, 2019
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Memorable Moments From Established Shows in 2016:

Is Mr. Robot Slowly Turning into a Science Fiction Show About Time Travel

Mr. Robot Season 2- With a really slow start to its second season on USA, the hacker drama almost failed in its quest to outsmart its memorable first season. But now fans know never to underestimate the creative genius of Sam Esmail. Mr. Robot redeemed itself in the last half of the second season by adding new time travel mysteries and upping the stakes. Best moment: The reveal that Elliot is in jail.

Black Mirror Season 3- the bingeworthy high tech drama asked Netflixers to once again question technology and where it’s going. From killer bees to uploading consciousness Black Mirror’s six new episodes weren’t as buzzworthy as the others but the US production team still kept the heart of what Black Mirror does so well. Best Episode: San Junipero

Black Sails Season 4- I once called the Starz pirate drama Black Sails the most unpredictable show on TV. It certainly didn’t disappoint in its latest season. Because with pirates going at it with each other the only thing that you can count on is death. Best moment: Charles Vane’s last speech and slow hanging death.

The Good Wife Season 7- With The Good Fight premiering in February. Fans won’t be leaving the world of The Good Wife for long. As the best political drama of our time The Good Wife began with a slap and ended with a slap! Best moment: The slap.


Alec Baldwin On SNL- Baldwin’s portrayal of Donald Trump was and is spot on perfect and comedy gold. Its one for the history books. Best Moment: There isn’t one. They are all Amazing!

Planet Earth II- With new high tech cameras and 4K streaming options Netflix gained exclusive rights to air the sequel to the best nature documentary of all time. Best Moment: Snakes VS Iguanas 

Halt & Catch Fire Season 3- The business minded drama about the early days of the computer industry hit its stride in season 3. Some call it the best show nobody watches. Best Moment: Our group of tech genius’ discuss inventing the world wide web or perhaps Google.


The Walking Dead Season 7- Negan’s reign gets all too real for Rick and his family, after the villain offs two of their own. The zombies took a backseat this season as the survivors group we’ve been following for seven years finds the comfortable lifestyle they’ve been living for the past year suddenly taken from them. Best Moment: “Suck My Nuts,” Abraham’s last words as Negan kills him.

2016 Gave Us Some New TV Surprises:

*The cancellation of Good Girls Revolt– Marks the first time in history a streaming Network cancelled a new show before any new show was cancelled on TV. Maybe Streaming isn’t the best after all? *I have yet to watch the show.

Westworld Season 1- HBOs unique SciFi Western show captivated the imagination of millions as it made us all question reality and the nature of intelligence. Making it the top rated show for the cable network since True Detective’s mind-blowing first season and averaging better than the Game of Thrones. The hosts certainly have taken over HBO. Best moment: Bernard’s reveal as a host

The People VS OJ Simpson- As I wrote back September, as a millennial, watching the OJ Simpson Trial, in it’s entirety was an eye opener and The People VS OJ Simpson perfectly captured what a nation thought and went through at the time. It deserved all the Emmys it got and then some! Best Quote: “[the verdict] isn’t some civil-rights milestone. Police in this country will keep arresting us and beating us, keep killing us. You haven’t changed anything for black people here. Unless of course you’re a famous rich one in Brentwood.” Chris Darden to Johnnie Cochran


The Circus- Showtime produced the Greatest Political Show on Earth and every week three journalists gave us an inside look at the 2016 presidential campaign. Hopefully historians will watch this show and learn from it in the future. Best Moment: When Julian Assange hand-wrote an answer to a question without even being seen on camera or leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy where he lives. 

The Expanse- Syfy’s, yes Syfy’s going back to it’s roots with it’s latest offering. The hugely popular literary franchise The Expanse finally made it’s TV debut this year and it’s probably the best, most accurate, and realistic science fiction television show ever produced about space travel! It shows us that even when we do colonize space, it’s not going to be a utopia at first. Best Moment: Whenever The Expanse tells us the biological differences between the belters, martians, and the humans 

This Is Us- This mind bending family drama is the best new show of the year, and if you are going to put an ad on Youtube that shows someone’s bare bottom during the midst of a family tragedy, do you really think people aren’t going to watch it? But more questions than that remain for the freshman series as people ponder What happened to Jack in the present? and is Toby really dead? The biggest twist was during the pilot episode where we find out how they became a family. Best Moment: The twist at the end of episode 1 that tells the audience we were witnessing events from the past the entire time we thought we were in the present!

The Crown- Netflix’s British Biopic about Queen Elizabeth II was the perfect companion after losing Downton Abbey this year.  As the most expensive and elaborate drama Netflix has ever produced, The Crown’s best moments come when characters are in a room talking to each other or to themselves, but that is just praising the great cast. Best Episode: Act of God

The OA- Netflix’s surprise hit was only just announced on Youtube on 12/12 not twenty days ago, and the hippy-dippy scifi drama about soul travel is already causing a stir in Hollywood and online. Best Moment: When the group finds out that the OA’s chilling story about her time in captivity might be completely made up after seeing a bunch of books and research material on Angels, Conspiracy Theories and Soul Travel under her bed! 

Timeless- This quirky Time Travel drama seems to be a stable sci-fi hit for NBC as a trio of time travelers work to save the world from another team of time travelers seemingly out to destroy history as we know it. The catch: The main characters might be the bad guys! Best Moment: When Flynn kills Lincoln (yes that Lincoln)


John J. Falco