May 23, 2019
  • 11:10 am HBO Reminds Fans That It Has Other Stuff Besides GOT
  • 12:21 am On The Good Fight, Even Ball Lightning is Partisan
  • 9:22 pm CNN’s Hiring of Sarah Isgur is a Travesty
  • 10:05 am The Fight of the Century Adds A Log Full of Trumpian Worms
  • 1:35 pm Is Fyre’s Billy McFarland Destined for a Political Comeback?

Pundits are supposed to cause controversy, that’s kind of in their job description.

Megyn Kelly- The Fox News super-star made headline news around the world multiple times this year. As she seemed to be the only person to care about Donald Trump’s womanizing ways, early on the campaign trail. Because of their back and forth bickering about wherever Trump thought blood was coming out of, and her not-so-public feud with would-be King Bill O’Reilly. Megyn sparked her own rumors that she could be leaving the network for CNN.

Stephen Colbert- Nothing the comedian has done since he has taken over the Late Show for David Letterman has really earned Colbert his spot among the late night kings. After a shaky start in 2015 there were wonders if it would last this long, and then Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President. Colbert seemed all too giddy to quip about Trump every show, showing millions of viewers his true colors. *Those who thought Colbert was a conservative didn’t really understand his other show… However, the joke was on Colbert for his live election night special on ShowTime and when it looked like Trump was really going to become President, Colbert freaked out! He still has yet to recover.

Glenn Beck- I first noticed his eerie transformation back in November. Then and now he is leaving the shell of the man he once was (a self-hating, far right conspiracist) far behind and now Glenn Beck is transforming into something much more palatable and relatable? It’s true, Glenn Beck appears to have found his conscious and is asking the world for forgiveness.

Van Jones- In an emotional plea to viewers about Donald Trump’s apparent Coup d’état. Van Jones foolishly declared that it was White-Lash that gave the Clinton’s the final loss. Immediately afterwards Jones apologized and reached out to those he declared racist.

Bernie Sanders- After his underdog challenge to the Coronation failed, Bernie Sanders has become the new face of the Democratic Party. First by “selling his soul,” and endorsing the millionaire class, in an awkward pivot to punditry it’s hard to feel the Bern, now more than ever!

Sean Hannity- Hannity’s shameless support for Donald Trump earned him the butt of the joke that was the 2016 election. As Donald Trump begged people to listen to Hannity, it seems like he isn’t going to get any special treatment or even a job from the guy he so praised.

Michael Smerconish- As a rising star on CNN, it has been a treat to watch an objective voice rise above all the noise, but Smerconish himself wasn’t completely without controversy. He changed parties from some an unknown affiliation to join the Republican Party once again, after leaving it for six years in order vote in the Pennslyvania Primary. It is unclear if he voted for Gary Johnson or Evan McMullin. We do however, know what his feelings are about Donald Trump, and they couldn’t be more correct: Right out of ‘Seinfeld,’ the opposite candidate

Conan O’Brein- Taking a talk show to North Korea shouldn’t be easy, but Conan’s world travels are becoming an interesting offshoot of what Anthony Boudain does so well. Conan makes it look easy as he plays the role of the goofy tour guide while changing the future of the talk show and making history in the process! He was also spotted with various sex workers in Germany later in the year. After President Obama lifted the Cuban restrictions, Conan also visited the country in 2015, and then he went on to Armenia.

PS: Conan’s own Triumph the Insult Comic Dog held special election coverage for HULU which was pretty great.


#Nevertrumpers- Despite multiple failed efforts to politically stop the reality TV star in his tracks. All efforts of the nevertrumpers somehow failed! Proving there to be a real problem in the Republican Party. From Mitt Romney to Bill Kristol, and Jeb Bush. The biggest names in the party failed to put a dent in Trump’s big red wall.



John J. Falco