MTV Wants to be a Franchise Powerhouse for Millennials
Posted by John J. Falco on 21st June 2018

After today, I’m officially calling MTV, Millennial TV. Because that’s precisely what it should rebrand to, at least according to MTV’s president Chris McCarthy and his plans for the new MTV Studios.

MTV is starting it’s push onto streaming platforms, by not creating their own service but licensing their IP to all the different outlets out there. With this business model, MTV has the ability to test different metrics and to figure out what’s the most successful streaming service. By not being linked to an exclusive streamer, MTV has freedom some other networks don’t. It’s a really interesting strategy to say the least. Due to the mediocre success of the kind of rebooted Jersey Shore franchise, which will have special reunions every now and then.

To start off with MTV is rebooting some of their most popular franchises exclusive to streaming services:

  • Aeon Flux
  • The Real World
  • Daria

The idea behind MTV Studios is to use MTVs 200 plus franchises to launch spinoffs for streaming services. Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, will also have creative control on the direction of a possible Teen Wolf universe and any other original scripted franchises, like Aeon Flux. The deals with streaming services are still being worked out.