May 28, 2020
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As Reddit fan theories about the cult hacker series suggest. There are definitely some strange allusions to Science Fiction in the show. Furthermore, Mr. Robot seems to be hinting at it’s biggest plot point yet: Is Time Travel involved? If you couldn’t quite put your fingers on what Mr. Robot is about, no one else really knows either. Yet Mr. Robot season 2 gave us a few clues as to what is actually going on.

I had written down what I thought about Elliot’s multiple personality disorders after season one ended. Mr. Robot is obviously another part of his personality, and it is revealed that at least for part of the season, Elliot went to jail due to the 9/5 hacks. So let’s first go back to those and see if I was right:

Season one thought: Is Joanna Wellick, Tyrell’s wife, another part of Elliot?

I’m not sure if it could be a blood relation or something imaginary like Mr. Robot but hear me out. As she was starring at him I got the feeling that she really, really really looks like Rami Malek (Elliot’s actor).

A couple of things that make this theory true:

  • Elliot waking up in Tyrell’s car reminds me of a “fun night out” with Tyrell so what did they do together exactly?
  • We already know Tyrell is at the very least bisexual. So if Joanna is just another form of Elliot and he is actually sleeping with Tyrell it would mean Tyrell is actually really gay and not just Bi.
  • The baby is tricky and if I am right it’s even more-mind blowing craziness that part of a guy’s crazy thoughts is about having a baby! She was hiding and clutching the baby from Elliot during that scene? Why?

 Season two thought: Elliot IS the baby!


  • The only logical reason why Joanna would be hiding a baby from Elliot is to protect Time Travel’s little known Prime Directive: DON’T RUN INTO YOUR PAST OR FUTURE SELF!
  • The baby is never named.
  • The baby again makes another appearance and in the scene you see Joanna loving and caring for the baby. A literary critic will ask, why the hell should we care about this?? Why keep showing Joanna’s story at all? If Tyrell, is really dead, shouldn’t her story be over too? Or maybe Mr. Robot doesn’t want to lose it’s kinky sex character?
  • When Joanna was pushing the baby stroller down the street she gets either red paint or blood thrown in her face. Why?
  • It seems I was right about Tyrell being another part of Elliot’s broken personality. Tyrell makes another appearance towards the end of the season and he is shown riding around in a taxi cab that apparently Tyrell called for him! But when Elliot asks the driver if he sees, someone else in the car, the cab driver freaks out and yells at Elliot to get out. I wouldn’t drive his crazy ass around either.

Season One Thoughts on Tyrell:

  • Why is Tyrell Missing? If Joanna is not a part of Elliot than it only makes logical sense that Tyrell is! Tyrell went nuts after being fired…

Season Two Thoughts on Tyrell:

  • Why was Tyrell Missing? We STILL DON’T KNOW! Mr. Robot tells Elliot that he killed him, but since he comes back. That means that you can’t kill a figment of your imagination, but how did they get rid of him in the first place? And Why?

Season One Thoughts: What is the deal with White Rose? Plus is BD Wong amazing at every character he plays or is it just me?


  • Now I may get into certifiably insane territory for suggesting that he could also be a figment of Elliot. This is again based off Mr. Robot’s open exploration of sexuality him being trans and all but I won’t even think about that one. I don’t know enough about him yet. Let’s just think for a moment about the character as a stand-alone for now… He is in prime position to rule the world post-zero day. He is in the shadows of both Evil Corp and the hacking groups. Like a good Drug Dealer he is cold, calculating, and plays both sides, but to what end? What does he want to do to Evil Corp?

Season Two Thoughts: What is the deal with White Rose? Is he a Time Traveler? Plus Big props to BD Wong again!


  • “You hack people; I hack time.” That was WhiteRoses’s famous words when he meets Elliot for the first time
  • WhiteRose is a truly powerful character in his own right. He is in charge of some type of Chinese money, and they can hold US Companies hostage. The Mr. Robot wiki says that he is the Chinese Minister of State Security.
  • He likes women’s clothing and keeps a closet full of them that he likes to brag about to female FBI agents.
  • He bails out EvilCorp due to the 9/5 hack which Elliot led. What does Phillip Price know about him? Is this about the Crossdressing or something else?
  •  He owns an underground(?) Bunker where he keeps older technology and at least one child who he beats if she doesn’t follow his weirdo directions.
  • He has a room full of clocks. Not unlike Doc Brown from Back to the Future.
  • He brings Angela to the bunker and asks her a series of weird and very personal questions, like in a government job interview.

Season One Thoughts on Angela:

MR. ROBOT -- "br4ve-trave1er.asf" Episode 106 -- Pictured: Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss -- (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)
MR. ROBOT — “br4ve-trave1er.asf” Episode 106 — Pictured: Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)

Angela is being groomed as the future Queen of Evil Corp and that will be awesome! Now that Tyrell is gone. Who will take his place? Honestly I didn’t like her character at first, and now that I know where she was heading. I am positive I was supposed to be feel that way about her. She was doing everything a preppy ivy league millennial woman should do. Had a jocky boyfriend, worked a job in her field with reasonable hours, visiting her dad on weekends, caring about her friend’s weirdo brother etc… Yet she busts into Phillip Price’s world and she becomes his protege ordering Prada shoes right after some guy shoots himself on national TV right in front of her! She may change Evil Corp for the better, but right now it looks like she is getting sucked into the power of corruption.

Season Two Thoughts on Angela:

  • Still unsure of her new direction in life, Angela wavers from her cold-blooded power hungry stance from season one in the beginning of this season, but that doesn’t mean she is done from being a cold-hearted bitch!
  • She still goes on to help her friends and Elliot as she moves up the E-ladder. Quicker than ever, may I say.
  • What exactly does Phillip see in her?
  • Why does whiterose show such a strong interest in her? He says that she has stopped many of his plans when they meet in the bunker. That he always seems to encounter her. As if, he is saying that he always seems to encounter her in his time travel trips! Because honestly, that’s the only way that statement makes sense.

Two more Character analysis to look out for in Season Three:

Season Two Thoughts: What does Phillip Price know?


  • Phillip Price is getting in the way. He seems to be a secondary character that at first doesn’t seem to show any promise but to just be the regular symbol for the rich greedy CEO of a HUGE conglomerate. Yet, he clearly knows SOMETHING.
  • He says that he knows who did the 9/5 hack and isn’t worried at all. In fact after the hack, he seems to be getting more and more powerful.
  • He says that power is his ultimate goal and doesn’t care how he gets it.
  • He is grooming Angela for some big role in the company and tests her to see how far she will go.

Season Two Thoughts: FBI Agent Dominique DiPierro


  • The Unrarttled FBI Agent doesn’t seem to care about anything other than talking to her Alexa bedside companion. Why the focus on this character? Why is she so anti-social? Is she supposed to be like that because of some mental thing, or did something happen to her? If so, what?
  • Does her seeming disintrest in society (despite being an FBI Agent), have something to do with time travel as well? This makes sense, if her character has already went through some of this before, and is just going through the motions because she has to.
John J. Falco