May 28, 2020
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She’s sticking to her guts in what has been one of the most tumultuous TV premieres in history. Causing controversy right out of the gate with her sit down with Putin, where critics from both sides of the political spectrum criticized her style.

Now, she’s been in hot water again, her second episode, by flirting more with the right and for even considering interviewing loud moth conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Who in my personal opinion, should be banned from the airwaves. Yet, Kelly is giving him the spotlight making others pissed at this decision.

One state which is choosing not to air this interview is Connecticut and with good reason. ¬†Alex Jones was the main peddler of the Sandy Hook false flag conspiracies which state the Massacre at the school didn’t happen and all the victims are played by actors. It’s large part of the reason why we have this fake news sickness seeping through the political right right now. It starts with him!

Alex Jones Has All But Admitted That He Is A Fraud; Has Since Apologized For the Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

Megyn Kelly has seemed to learn from Trump, and it seems like she has free reign at NBC to do what she wants to do. Trump’s motto is, bad publicity is still publicity, and Kelly seems to be following in his footsteps. I wouldn’t call this manufactured media, because it’s not like she caused the right and the left to get pissed at her just for interviewing people of great importance in this day and age. Putin and Alex Jones are well known public figures who have seen their fair share of National Headlines in the past years.

What she seems to have done is designed these interviews to be controversial just so people can tune in. That and NBC is probably the first news station outside of Fox News that even gave these people the spotlight or anything other than praise. With a punch to the system Megyn Kelly is leading in her own way. Perhaps she is painting a future where she is the bravest woman in the media, or she’ll go down in flames.

John J. Falco