September 23, 2020
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The Fox News Superstar has announced that she will be leaving the channel in the new year in what is the largest cable news shake-up in nearly a decade. Megyn Kelly will instead become the new queen of NBC. She is going to be hosting two shows, play a major role in the Sunday show circuit, and be the face of NBC during political events including whatever antics the Trump Administration find themselves in, in the future. She will be bigger than Brian Williams was in his prime, and she probably walked away with a $35+ Million contract.

This leaves one puzzling question left, and it has nothing to do with whatever they paid her. What about Donald Trump? NBC has a love-hate relationship with Trump and he still co-produces The Apprentice. The relationship he has with Megyn Kelly hasn’t really ever been friendly. He has for some reason been laser focused on her and a slew of hating grovelling followers of his also don’t like her. Perhaps it’s best that Megyn Kelly leave the atmosphere of Fox News behind where she supposedly was sexually harassed by CEO Roger Ailes but has praised him as well. Yet, the future of the NBC-Trump relationship has now entered unfamiliar territory. Or maybe NBC News has become the first media Organization to beat Trump at his own game. Trump has been amazingly quiet on the subject, and in the past he was quick to criticize the Fox News anchor.

At one point I thought she would move to CNN, but it was later reported that most networks could not afford whatever was her price limit to leave FNC. In wake of the Brian Williams scandal and with the cut Lester Holt has taken by replacing him, NBC has obviously found some coins in their cushions, to bring in Megyn Kelly. Bringing with her, that streak of liberal feminism and the saner traditional values Bill O’Reilly used to say he had. This may turn out to be a major blunder for FNC. As the bloviating talking airheads become the Trump News Channel that many predicted Trump himself would likely create if he lost the Presidency, they may lose whatever type of moderate audience they had left.

John J. Falco