July 8, 2020
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Mark Zuckerberg set a goal for himself to build a personal Iron Man-like  AI system to run his house, and he did it all in a year! Now, that he has finished his goal and gave it a God-like persona with the voice of Morgan Freeman, and continued the Iron Man namesake by naming his system JARVIS, the tech community approves.

What’s next? Questions remain. Is Mark Zuckerberg’s JARVIS going to be satisfied sitting in Mark Zuckerberg’s house just entertaining a toddler, freaking out his wife, and doing his chores, as it freakishly tells us it is in a video? Shouldn’t Mark do something else with JARVIS?

Sure, these are all the things that JARVIS is currently tasked with doing but it raises a question about the emerging AI Marketplace. Will AI be as readily available to programmers to create anything from basic programs like JARVIS to something much more complex like WATSON?

Artificial Intelligence so far has been hard to come by. Only accessible to technology companies, silicon valley startups, and technology firms willing to invest and hire the minds that can work on AI. The other thing Zuckerberg said was really hard to do was to find objects that could actually be controlled by JARVIS. That means, those internet-connected devices that everyone says is the future. It’s still limited in scope and size and they don’t share universal programming or an easy way to connect to a central server that is a more personal Operating System like Microsoft Windows.

Right now the Internet of Things is also sparsely populated by those same people who are working on AI. However, the internet of things is more mature than AI, but if we want to build out systems like this for the public they both need to find a way to interact with each other. Not everyone is Mark Zuckerberg and from preliminary research if you want to get into AI in the first place you need a rather advanced level of programming skills. JARVIS is not true AI. It can’t teach itself new skills without a lot of help from Mark and it’s not ready for public release because it’s personally tied specifically to Mark and his house/coding patterns.

However, all is not lost. JARVIS is still a pretty neat thing and it features a look into the new industry that AI is building. Zuckerberg can talk to JARVIS, Text JARVIS, and it recognizes all the things that it is connected to in his house. Bots, and machine learning make JARVIS seem like a true AI system that is more advanced than it actually is.

The clearest way I can describe the state Artificial Intelligence is in is that it is in basic mode. As basic is both a game level and a programming language. It’s a perfectly aft description. As a video game level, basic is the easiest mode where you can grasp the game in it’s entirety before trying harder levels or if you just want a quick run through. BASIC as a programming language was essential to the rise of the personal computer. The foundation that allowed programmers, small businesses, and hobbyists to make custom software affordable to the everyday person. We are now at this stage in Artificial Intelligence.

Who knows where this new industry will lead and what app stores will look like ten years from now. Perhaps there are more ways for Hollywood to chip in since Morgan Freeman voiced JARVIS will our robotic helpers be able to have custom voices for actors/actresses?

John J. Falco