July 8, 2020
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“We Learned A Lot About Loyalty,” Donald Trump said this just after his Health Care plan failed after members of the freedom caucus didn’t want to vote for it, for being too liberal. The honeymoon anti-establishment libertarian faux Republicans had with Donald Trump is over, but all intents and purposes Donald Trump is Libertarian Left. He combines the basic holy trinity of their supposed, no laughable theories of non aggressive principles. Trump stole the libertarian’s rhetoric right from under their noses and he didn’t even say, “please.”

Clockwise, from left: White nationalist William Pierce, domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh, white nationalist Richard Spencer, British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, professor Kevin MacDonald, and Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart. Nick Lehr/The Conversation, CC BY-NC-SA

The alt-right, mixed with a smattering of racism, conspiracies, and the musings of what was coming out of the mouth of their dear leader Ron Paul just six years ago. Combined with a right-wing view on taxation, laissez-faire capitalism, hardcore isolationist nationalism and their borderline obsession with Russia. Donald Trump is the perfect libertarian candidate and he probably doesn’t even know what a libertarian is.

That’s not to say Trump isn’t a smart man. He knows exactly what to do in order to get people to start talking about him, and that is something that the Libertarian Party has never had before. If you weren’t looking around at political alternatives you wouldn’t know what a libertarian was either. If you didn’t know, The Libertarian Party is a fringe group of people who exist on the outskirts of politics as we know it. Or at least that was the case until 2016.

Now, fueled by a new wave of the echo-chamber that is click-bait politics, libertarian politics are all but mainstream, and yet I wonder if the Libertarian party will survive it. It’s ironic that the party’s ideals are probably the most mainstream that they have ever been and yet, there are no prominent libertarians on the political stage at this moment in time.

The Brexit Bus Slogan Was a Lie the Leave Campaign admitted shortly after talks in the UK got underway after the vote.

If you were to ask European Libertarians they would tell you that they saw this coming a mile away. The fall of the European Union, and the dream of a borderless utopia is dead. It’s replaced by a worldview that would make Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, and Ron Paul proud.

Ron Paul is a frequent contributor to Russia’s Government Backed TV Station.

So why is the grandfather of Libertarianism, seemingly against the man who speaks up for his worldview? Why exactly are the libertarians pissed off that Trump won? They’ve never been closer to achieving their own fantastical utopia. Perhaps it is the fact that Trump has never been one to dispel the evil forces of his so-called neo-conservative allies and the cabinent that he has now chosen will strike fear into anyone that isn’t. However, a lot of those names that he has chosen including disgraced General Michael Flynn have isolationist Pro-Russian worldviews. Ron and Rand Paul’s Russian connections are available and should be more widely known.

So that is probably why Trump’s victory in January didn’t seem to bother libertarians. Most of them cheered it on and the rest gave him the benefit of a doubt. Giving him the most leeway I’ve ever seen them give any other candidate ever! Even when confronted with things that Trump said that were strictly against Libertarian values, they still wanted to give him a chance. Why? Becuase he was saying stuff that they liked! Apparently that’s all anybody cares about in politics these days. Actions and demenaor don’t count.

Justin Amash is someone who could be a big liability to the future of the Trump Administration according to top aides’ twitter wars

What a difference three months makes! The Trump administration is now trying to wage war with the freedom caucus after the health care debacle. A top Trump aide attacks a libertarian and freedom rings throughout the freedom caucus. They see the light, they themselves have woken up to a strange new reality. One where their platform has been hijacked by a bunch of rich establishment dudes, parroting to their base. Maybe for the libertarians, it’s a case of, “Holy Shit! They just stole our freaking playbook!” What will the Libertarians do now?

If Trump works with Democrats on Taxes and another Health Care Bill, that isn’t going to look any better in their eyes. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd sees it. He says that this fight is one Trump can’t win. Trump can’t win because he doesn’t have any principles and the freedom caucus is all about principles. From the mind of Chuck Todd, “Republicans who have no fear of this president right now. They don’t think there’s a political penalty to buck him.” The question I have is, where were they a year ago?


John J. Falco



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