September 26, 2020
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  • 11:46 am Breaking Apart That Anti-Good Omens Campaign
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Stephen Colbert has not returned to Late night after the Emmys with much to celebrate. They were the lowest Emmy ratings ever. Now, in the week before Fall TV starts back up again, he finds himself facing a worthy adversary: late night pal, Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel is now leading Colbert in ratings.

Could it be a coordinated effort between the two talk show hosts to be the anti-Trump late night hosts after getting snubbed by Emmys by British Counterpart John Oliver?

Colbert and his show has been anti-Trump ever since Trump announced his candidacy while Kimmel wavers with the issues that he care about. Number one, being Health Care.

Kimmel’s recent baby-care health scarce really rattled him and it probably forced him to reach out to be people (Democrats) asking for advice, or why exactly the Health Care System is the way that it is. Now, he’s going on a rampage. For the past week Kimmel has been relentlessly hounding Republicans and showing off their obvious hypocrisy when it comes to their all too idealistic campaign promises.

In this new partnership against the Trump administration, Kimmel and Colbert are seemingly working together. Kimmel attacks hard on the policy, Colbert meanwhile has taken a step back and focuses in on more general politics of the day, like the latest developments in the Russian investigation. While Colbert has not gotten much attention from the Trump administration or fellow Republicans, Kimmel has managed to piss off the entire GOP establishment within a week, and perhaps single-handedly kill the Health care bill.  Is Kimmel a better anti-Trump than Colbert?

Kimmel has managed accomplish in a week what Colbert has wanted to do for more than a year.

John J. Falco